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Electronics manufacturing, especially, printed circuit board assembly is still at its nascent stages in India and is one of the many manufacturing segments widely promoted by the Government of India with its “make in India” initiatives.

Since most industries are using more and more digital and electronics based equipment, there is a very huge demand for PCB assembly and related work. Fabsemi is a company with the full spectrum service capability from PCB assembly to box build and system integration.

Our electronics manufacturing services include doing printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services with SMT and through hole lines and also provide box build and system integration services as required by the customer.

Fabsemi Electronics India Private Limited offers the full range of PCBA services which include mounting of components and strict quality control procedures. We will ensure full compliance to all the quality and regulatory requirements of the customer. This is in addition to the competitive rates that we can provide for any supported processes.

We also support quality PCBA services for a range of industries and products. Fabsemi supports full process development and testing. Our surface mount and through hole lines have high quality machines which adhere to all international standards. We have the highest standards in inspection, testing and QA and most importantly, our qualified engineers adhere to the highest process standards. We also use high quality raw materials in all aspects of production.