Fabsemi Electronics India Pvt Ltd.

An ISO 9001:2015 company

Lights that Last

Among the innumerable players in the market, do you want to have lighting systems that are rugged and comes with an actual maintenance contract?
Are you tired of seeing fly-by companies promising the world and then disappearing without a trace?
Welcome to Fabsemi Lighting!

Quality PCBA Services

Interested in printed circuit board assembly services which are done with the highest standards?
Do you want to make sure that your design IP is protected?
Fabsemi PCBA services has the right solution for you!

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Fabsemi welcomes you!!

- Why Us -

Let us work together

The key word for us is Quality. Whether it is the quality of our engineers or of raw materials to our final product, or, our processes, we take great effort in maintaining standards for all our customers.
Our flexibility and IP protection offered to our customers, make us the top choice for services offered by us. Our street lights have been received exceedingly well by all our customers.

- Our Services -


Fabsemi Electronics India Private Limited offers the full range of PCBA services which include mounting of components and strict quality control procedures. We will ensure full compliance to all the quality and regulatory requirements of the customer. This is in addition to the competitive rates that we can provide for any supported processes.

Our electronics manufacturing services include doing printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services with SMT and through hole lines and also provide box build and system integration services as required by the customer.